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Have you ever wondered why some freelancers are flooded with leads, get paid higher rates, and earn MORE while working less hours…

… while others struggle with low pay, lousy clients, and Constant imposter syndrome?

When You Finally Have A Plan You Can Trust…
Confidence In Your Skills And Momentum In Your Business Comes Naturally

Real Free Life is an 8-week coaching program that gives you a proven system to get better clients, at higher rates, and a steady flow of leads coming to YOU instead of the other way around.

It’s time to uncover your true specialty and become a sought-out expert in your industry.

In this live coaching program, Kevin Rogers shows you how to:

  • Attract high-quality clients, who pay what you’re worth… and never take advantage of your “niceness”, strong work ethic, or habit of accidentally undercharging.
  • Take charge of client negotiations and prospect calls… “adult in the room” conversations that would make John Carlton proud.
  • Quickly become a recognized authority in your niche, without waiting for permission from someone smarter, wiser, older, or more expensive.
  • Create a marketing plan and lead-flow strategy that works for you, so you can have a full roster of clients eager to pay high prices and stop living “gig to gig” on a wing and a prayer.
  • Discover your true specialty that gets you noticed, remembered, booked, and paid… FAST.
  • Get “Live Mic Ready” so that you shine confidently in every opportunity to deliver value and raise your authority on podcasts, webinars, even live stages.
  • Protect yourself from being “taken advantage of”: fees, deadlines, and that nasty, insidious Scope Creep. (If you’ve ever had a job that mushroomed out of control, you know what I’m talking about.)
  • Design your work around your lifestyle, NOT the other way around. (If you’re asking, “What lifestyle? All I do is work,” you’re not alone. But it doesn’t have to be that way forever.)
  • And more!

RFL is a live coaching program, to join the next session or get on the waiting list:
Click here to learn more about Real Freel Life.



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